Chris Reeves: Dry Fly on Draycote

Monday saw me on Draycote with Ian Mckenzie, I’d fished it in the major clubs match a week earlier and caught a lot of very nice fish but on the practice day I had caught a few much bigger fish on dry flies. I wanted a day with no pressure purely on the dries and there is no one better at dry fly fishing than Ian.

The weather was less than ideal with very variable winds and frequent sunny spells. This added to crystal clear water (you can see the bottom in 18 feet!) which meant that dry fly fishing was probably going to be rather difficult. We motored off towards the School slips where I’d had a few on practice day. Sadly the expected drifts didn’t produce and we moved about in search of fish ending up on the dam past Rainbow corner.

We moved a couple of fish to a dry daddy long legs before Ian caught a lovely 3 ½ pound grown on fish by twitching his dry away from a swirl, I added a second to a static daddy and we were off! The day continued with fish coming to the daddy and also to the fiery brown Shipman’s buzzers every time the sun went behind the clouds. We didn’t hook all the takes and we did both loose fish. I had three fall off for no apparent reason and Ian got broken a couple of times by ferocious takes.

We ended up with 12 in the boat, nothing less than 3" and the two best being around 5lbs, Ian also had a 4lb brown. Fantastic fishing.

The two flies that did most of the damage were the Dry foam Daddy and the Fiery Brown Shipmans.

Dry foam Daddy
Hook: Partridge K4AY grub hook
Thread: 8/0 tan Body 2mm tan foam
Wings: 2 small hackle points from a cream Indian cock cape.
Legs: Knotted Pheasant tail
Hackle: 8 turns of brown cock saddle

Fiery Brown Shipmans
Hook: Partridge L5A Dry fly hook
Thread: Black 8/0
Breathers: Antron yarn
Rib: Stretched pearl tinsel, three turns on rear half of body only
Body: Seals fur