Chris Reeves: The Pike Anglers Conference

Saturday 27th September 2014 saw The Pike Anglers Conference back for another year, this time at the Ricoh Arena.

In our guises as committee members of the Fly dressers Guild, Caroline and I were invited to this event to show some Pike flies and explain the workings of the FDG.

I decided to tie a few articulated flies using the Intruder shanks while Caroline tied Barry Ord Clark’s “Helter Skelter” Pike fly.

The Articulated shanks attracted a lot of interest although I was surprised that most of the Pike fly anglers wanted flies tied in natural colours rather than big gaudy colours that I usually tie and use. With that in mind I tied up a few Perch and Roach patterns.

The fly in the photo is tied with a 35mm shank, then a 25mm shank with a 1/0 barbless stinger to finish it off

Tail: Orange Sparkle H2O fibres

Body: (both shanks) Top:-  Olive green bucktail,  Bottom:- White bucktail

Stripe: Grizzle saddle hackle dyed green

Throat: (front only)  Orange Sparkle H2O fibres

Eyes: 8mm 3d eyes covered in UV Cured Gel

The other area of interest was flies that could be fished on drop shot rigs, or even ultra- light spinning rods - something I will look into.