December 2014 Tutorial Mayfly Emerger by Allan Liddle

PRO-Team member Allan Liddle takes us through how to tie the Mayfly Emerger in his latest tutorial.


Simple but very effective this dry fly has worked well for me anywhere our large mayfly species are to be found.  In Scotland these take the form of Green Drake’s and are found in various locations throughout the Highlands, the most notable of which are the waters of Assynt, wild, rugged, beautiful and exciting.

Pitched at rising or cruising fish this fly is taken with confidence, however if it’s really wild and windy (which it often is) working it on a ‘short line’ worked across or through the waves produces heart stopping takes.

The crest tail is treated with UV varnish to help it keep its shape as well as add a bit more protection, although this is very much optional, the fly is equally effective when GP crest tied in naturally.



Hook: Partridge Czech Nymph Fine (CZF) size 8 – 10 (old size 14 – 16)

Thread: Black Uni 6/0

Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest (treat with UV Varnish optional)

Body: Medium olive rabbit / hare / olive glister mix (approx 45:45:10)

Wing: Fine Deer Hair

Thorax / Head: As per body.


To follow Allans Tutorial, click on the image below: