December Fly of the Month

The December fly of the month from PRO-Team member Paul Procter is the Pink Shrimp. You can find out the November Fly of the Month by clicking here!


Hook: Sprite all purpose grub (used here) or Partridge K4A/S size 10-14

Thread: Wapsi 70 denier shell pink

Weight: Flat lead wire

Rib: 3Ib Mono

Shellback: Pale Grey Thinkskin

Body: UV Pink Ice-dub & shrip pink Sow Scud dubbing 40/60

Leg: Teased out dubbing fibres


It’s a known fact that grayling often respond positively to garish bugs and whilst orange or red seem popular with anglers, pink shades often win the day, especially where clear water is concerned. Granted, a hint of flash might well be evident in this dressing, but along with a softer hue of pink dubbing and pale grey thinskin shellback do tone it down a fair bit. 

Whether I’m searching for grayling on turbid rainfed rivers or targeting fish in the crystal clear carriers of a chalkstream this pink shrimp acts as my anchorman that remains part of my set up whenever bugs are called for. On occasion, I’ve been known to fish a brace of them though more likely an olive version will separate them when fishing a team of three, hopefully to avoid any suspicion from fickle fish.

When it comes to weighting this fly, I prefer to position flat strips of lead on top of the hook shank, rather than using wraps of wire. With each corresponding length a fraction shorter than the previous, a curved body can easily be emphasised. Equally the shrimp will now fish inverted with the hook point uppermost, which can save a fly or two when you’re dredging the streambed.