December Fly of the Month

Fly of the month by PRO-Team member Paul Proctor

Devised by Bob Clouser, it’s widely accepted that the Clouser Minnow is the most effective subsurface fly, which has fooled countless species of fish around the World.

Naturally, many view it as a tropical saltwater fly, yet this generic imitation has proved its worth on freshwater too where pike, perch, trout and even grayling have been tempted.  Understandably, a scaled down version on a size 12-14 hook using arctic fox hair will be required now, especially where grayling are concerned.

Clouser Minnow

Hook: Partridge Predator size 1/0 – 6

Thread: Chartreuse Kevlar thread

Tail: White bucktail

Wing: Chartreuse bucktail

Overwing: Peacock krystal mirror flash

Eyes: Dumbbell eyes of various weights/colours

Head: Orange thread

For predators though, much larger dressings are the norm with hooks up to size 4/0 recommended when chasing the likes of barracuda, snook, tarpon and sharks.  Equally, perhaps the most popular colour combination of the Clouser involves chartreuse over white.  

That said it’s wise to carry an array of dressings with red, blue and pink over white having their fans too.


Robust with a degree of translucency, bucktail remained the favourite material for Clouser Minnows and to this day it’s still the first choice for many, including myself.  However with an array of modern synthetics at our fingers tips, few could be blamed for experimenting, or including more flashy fibres.  In fact, these days I tend to finish the fly with a few strands of peacock krystal mirror flash as an over wing.