February 2015 Fly Tying Tutorial: March Brown Jingler by Allan Liddle

PRO-Team member Allan Liddle's most recent tutorial is on the March Brown Jingler. To follow the tutorial, click on the materials image at the bottom of the blog...

Big n Bushy the Jingler looks more like a Loch Fly than a river pattern to me but hailing from the Scottish Borders many moons ago for use on the mighty Tweed a river fly it certainly is.

Watching the fly drift downstream with the soft Partridge hackle trailing it certainly looks like a Large Dark Olive / Olive Upright or March Brown struggling to get free of the water’s surface and certainly catches the trout’s attention.

Simply ‘Gink’ the upper half of the fly or as I sometimes do, trim the bottom hackle to help it ride level and low (although to be fair this isn’t really required but more a habit I’ve became fixated with over recent years).

And not too shabby a loch pattern as originally suggested either making it a good all round pattern to have in your armoury.

Hook: Partridge Ideal Dry size 10 to 12 (12 to 14 for olive versions)

Thread: Uni 6/0 or 8/0 black

Tail: Partridge fibres (I’ve started using an alternative well marked natural hen hackle from Chevron hackles, excellent substitute and much easier to tie with)

Tag: (not essential) Medium Mirage pearl tinsel (adds a wee bit flash to the fly but best to have some without in case trout simply shy away from the ‘sparkle’)

Rib: Tying thread tag

Body: Natural hares ear or squirrel dubbing

Hackle: Black barred ginger cock saddle (tie six or seven turns)

Head: Partridge (again I opt for the Chevron alternative)