Fishing on Lake Llyn Maes Y Clawdd

The second weekend in May and what better way to spend it than fishing in Wales. Ilan Evans went to a lake just outside Bala with his father...

Between my uni coursework and my uni exams, I thought of my priorities and I went fishing. Me and my father went to a beautiful lake near Bala, called Llyn Maes Y Clawdd, it’s a season ticket which belongs to Bala Angling Association.

I have to admit it was a beautiful day but this lake is hard to fish - the rainbow and brown trout were jumping everywhere on the surface. Me and my father were fishing with floating lines, and I was with two flies. My two flies were a simple shipmans buzzer on the point, which was black and silver. I tied this fly on a Partridge #12 dry fly supreme. On the dropper I had a black and green buzzer, coated with bug bond light, and I tied this on a Partridge #12 wet heavy supreme. These hooks are both amazing hooks especially the dry fly supreme, it has enough strength yet it is light, so it is perfect for tying drys onto in order to fish for big fish.

We went out to our usual spot by the lilies so there is a lot of bug life, and whilst we were fishing there wes a hatch of small olives so the fish were going crazy. After a while the fish went off, so I changed to fishing wets. I changed the shipmans buzzer (#12 dry fly supreme) from a black one to an olive and red one. This has been working well in the past. On the dropper I had a Yellow Bitch (#12 wet heavy supreme), which is my own pattern and has become my top killer fly.

Whilst having a cupper by the lake I tied some more black shipmans buzzers' because some one lost theirs! (my father). I always carry a small fly tying kit with some materials and a couple of packs of Partridge hooks.

We packed up just after the evening rise. Overall I caught 5 rainbows, my father 3 rainbows and 1 brownie. All in all it was a good day.


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