Fly Friday #103 Spring Wet Olive by Jim Lees

This weeks Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Jim Lees, it's the Spring Olive Wet

Usually my sights are firmly set on dry fly fishing when the Olive Uprights start hatching but you still get those days where the surface activity is short lived, especially during the early days of the hatch or on days with poor weather. For these times I find a wet imitation can really save the day, either fished as part of a team of wets or spiders upstream or down, paired with a heavier nymph or even fished below a dry fly. The Wet Fly Supreme is a good choice for this fly as the weight in the hook gives you enough flexibility to fish it with any method. My preference is for a light, kind of Clyde Style, dressing but it can be dressed a little heavier and have tails added if this style is too sparse for your liking.


Hook: Partridge of Redditch Wet Fly Supreme G3A/L #14

Thread: Pearsalls Silk Primrose

Wing: Mallard primary or secondary, tied with the lighter inside facing out.

Hackle: Light Ginger or Dark Honey Dun Hen Hackle. 1-2 turns is enough, 1 turn if your hackle is quite "webby".