Fly Friday #110 Fluro Green Humpy by Jack Kos

This week Fly Friday Jack Kos show us the Fluro Green Humpy...

I tie an awful lot of hi-vis flies for someone who rarely fishes them. This series of flies is destined for someone a little bit special - my dad. It started off as a bit of a joke when he kept complaining about never being able to see his fly, so I thought I'd tie something that there was no chance he'd miss. Since then I've started to really enjoy tying them from an aesthetic perspective. The brown trout in the clear waters of New Zealand's South Island tend to necessitate a slightly subtle hand at a vice, so it's fun to occasionally splurge out on a little fluro.

The basic Green Humpy can be taken for a myriad of different bugs from beetles to green blowflys to small cicadas and crickets. There's nothing new in the pattern, and I've done my best to keep it conventional barring the colour of the calf body. But that deviation of adding fluro orange calf tail serves a very importance purpose, by ensuring that we can constantly see our fly. This is particularly valuable for flies such as a Humpy, which will frequently be used as an indicator pattern. So for low light, heavy water or if you're optically challenged, tie a couple of different wings into your favourite flies.


Hook: Partidge SLD2 #12

Tail: Elk

Overbody: Elk

Body: Olive Uni Floss

Hackle: Whiting Saddle - Brown

Wing: Orange Calf Body