Fly Friday #13

The 13th Fly Friday is certainly not unlucky as it is a fly that PRO-team member Jim Lees uses throughout the season - The Sedge Sighter.

'Tied to be as visible as possible and to float in the roughest water this is a fly I use a lot throughout the season. At the start of the season it works well as an indicator trailing one or two nymphs while still offering a good silhouette that can be a decent representation of early season Stoneflies. Later on when sedges are hatching late into the evenings I use it with Fluoro green sighter wings to let me see the fly in near dark conditions and add a half hour or so onto my fishing where the fly is still visible. Even after dark or at a longer distance the high floating properties of the fly mean it is an effective pattern to use twitched or skated on the surface where you can feel the takes rather than see them.

I like to carry different versions of the fly with Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Green and Black sighter wings as this gives me the highest visibility in all types of water however some people see colours in different ways so it’s worth experimenting with Yellow and Orange as options.'

To tie the Sedge Sighter you would need the following:

Hook: Partridge Dry Fly Supreme #10
Thread: Semperfli Nanosilk 12/0 Olive
Body Hackle: Cree saddle
Overbody: Olive Razor Foam
Underbody: Olive Kapok dubbing
Wing: Yearling Elk
Sighter Wings: Aero Dry Wing, Fluoro Pink, Green or Black. Two sections tied in as a wide V.


Jim Lees is currently one of the newest members of the Partride PRO-Team. Born, raised and still living near the banks of the river Clyde in Scotland Jim started his fishing life on one of its tributaries 30 years ago and started tying flies at the same time. With no local fly shops there wasn’t really much choice and as the only anglers he knew tying their own flies he just assumed that if you wanted to fly fish you learned how to tie your own flies!