Fly Friday #135 March Brown/ Brook Dun by Paul Slaney

This weeks Fly Friday is fom PRO-Team member Paul Slaney, its the March Brown/ Brook Dun....

This time of year we should be thinking about filling our boxes for the coming season. That would be March 3rd around here. An early hatch that we enjoy on the Usk is that of the March Browns and Brook Duns. This fly pattern works for both hatches, is straightforward to tie with easily available materials. Fish it upstream, on a slack leader and if you are fishing slower glides, cut the hackle flat underneath.

Tight lines.

March Brown/Brook Dun Materials:

Hook.. Partridge SLD size 12

Thread.. Veevus 50 denier GSP in white

Tail.. Spade hackle, the colour isn’t really important.

Body.. A mix of Hares Ear and fine natural Snowshoe Hare fur.

Wing.. The tip of one brownish Partridge hackle and two CDC feather tips.

Hackle.. Dun badger, though Brown Dun, Brown or a mixture of any of these will work.