Fly Friday #142 The Park Shrimp by Chris Reeves

This weeks Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Chris Reeves and it is The Park Shrimp....  

A new fly to me, this pretty little fly is easy to tie provided you pay attention to proportions.


Hook:- Partridge Patriot Double sizes 6 to 14

Tag:-Silver wire

Tail:- Yellow arctic fox tail under, Orange arctic fox tail over

Rear body:- Gold lite-brite dubbing

Rib:- Silver wire or oval tinsel

Front body:- Black floss

Wing :- Black arctic fox tail

Cheeks:- Jungle cock

Hackle :- One turn each of yellow and orange Whiting hen saddle hackle

Tying instructions

Wrap a layer of tying thread along the hook and tie in the silver wire at the rear.

Wrap a tag of silver wire starting at the end of the thread underbody and working away from the eye, about 10 turns is sufficient, finish by bringing the end of the wire forwards between the two points of the hook to secure the tag, tie off on top of the hook. Remove excess.

Tie in a bunch of yellow arctic fox tail on top of the hook shank, around 1 ½ times hook shank in length. The tag will ensure it doesn’t travel downwards between the hook points.

Add a bunch of orange arctic fox, half as long as the yellow, on top of the yellow fur.

For the rear part of the body, dub  chopped lite brite dubbing and wrap approximately 1/3rd of the body length. Tie in the rib and floss. Wrap the floss body and rib with the wire or oval tinsel. This is the point where you must be most careful, too far forwards with the body and the hackle will be stuffed against the eye.

Tie off the body and rib and tie in a bunch of black arctic fox hair. This should extend to the rear of the hook.

Tie in cheeks of jungle cock alongside the wing

Tie in two hackles, one yellow and one orange, hen saddle is best. You can wrap the hackles together or separately, in wrapping separately wrap the yellow one first, followed by the orange. One full turn of each is sufficient.

Make a neat head, whip finish and and varnish