Fly Friday #145 The Pike Peach by Arthur Greenwood

This weeks Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Arthur Greenwood and it is the Pike Peach....

With the game fish season closure on the horizon, I’ve been looking forward to targeting the predators once again, specifically pike. Here, I’d like to share my most successful pattern from last season. I’ve found that a peach colour is particularly attractive to large pike in the often-peaty waters here in Ireland. On my last trip in February this year, this pattern accounted for an 18 pounder from Lower Lough Erne. No reason why it won’t work elsewhere!


Hook: Partridge Universal Predator #4/0
Thread: Red Kevlar
Body: Alternate bunches of peach synthetic fibre on top with the same in white below. I’ve also sparingly blended in some pearl ripple flash
Throat: A small bunch of red synthetic fibre. A bunch from a large red saddle cape works too
Eyes: Ultra Eyes in red/silver, 10mm. I’ve used Evo-Stik ‘Serious Glue’ for attaching eyes and found that it is by far the best adhesive for this type of work. Here’s a handy tip for securing eyes – cheap and cheerful!

Fished in the margins on an intermediate line in early spring, this one is my go-to pike pattern.