Fly Friday #148 The Quill bodied “Cruncher” By Chris Reeves

This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Chris Reeves and its the Quill bodied “Cruncher”....

Hook: Partridge Heavy Wet G3A/L size 10 12 or 14

Thread: Black 8/0

Tail: Whiting Coq De Leon fibres

Body: Stripped peacock herl

Thorax: Peacock lite brite dubbing or similar

Hackle: Furnace Whiting American hen hackle

This fly is a variation on the famous cruncher and is a development to make use of the new trend in stripped quill bodies. The stripped quill gives a good segmentation and a body with a hard shiny finish.

When tying the fly I prefer to use quills that I have stripped myself from quality eye feathers. By doing this you ensure the quality of the quill and can be confident it will not break when would, a touch of varnish on the shank before winding helps too.

Use the best hackle you can afford. I specify Whiting as the shape of the feather and quality of the fibres is consistent and you will be able to get several turns from each feather. This allows you to dress the fly for different conditions, heavy hackle for a big wave, sparse hackle for calm conditions.

I fish this fly almost exclusively on the middle dropper or, if fishing with 4 flies, on the second dropper ahead of a nymph.  The fly is often effective when the fish are feeding on hatching buzzers and stomach contents show a mix of midge adults, pupae and larvae.