Fly Friday #152 The Spey Fly No.1 by Kate Watson

This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Kate Watson and it's the Spey Fly No.1.... 

The "Spey Fly No.1" is tied by Thomas Tod Stoddart from his book, "An Angler's Companion, 1853". This fly is generally tied with blue silk ribbing, but I bought a new beautiful light blue tinsel from Lagartun and wanted to try it out. The fly recipe is as follows:

Hook: Partridge CS10/1 size 1
Tail: Yellow rump feather off Golden Pheasant or tuft of mohair
Ribs: Silver oval medium Lagartun tinsel & blue silk or blue tinsel in this case 
Body: Black wool 
Hackle: Black heron or substitute 
Main Wing: Mallard  

This is my favourite fall fly for steelhead in northern British Columbia. It swims beautifully and was my most productive fly last year.