Fly Friday #155 The Spanish Quill Nymph by Dougie Loughridge

This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Dougie Loughridge and it's The Spanish Quill Nymph....

Hook: SUD2 #14
Bead: 2.4mm Black tungsten c/sunk
Thread: Varivas 10/0 in Fluoro Orange
Tails: Coq de Leon
Body: Hends Perdigon body 1/32 (PBM30)
Rib: Veniard Fl. Yellow stripped peacock quill

Image 1 - Thread the bead onto the hook and place into the vice. I tie this style of nymph in #14, #16 and #18.

Image 2 - Catch on your tying thread and take it down to the bend in touching turns. Catch in 6-8 CDL fibres as a tail and the stripped quill by the "thick" end. Wind your thread back towards the bead in touching turns, covering the CDL fibre butts as you go.

Image 3 - Catch in your perdigon body behind the bead and wind the thread down to the bend and back, creating a slight taper.

Image 4 - Wind the perdigon body in touching turns back towards the bead and tie down.

Image5 - wind your stripped quill forwards towards the bead in open turns allowing the perdigon body to shine through. Tie this down and build up a small hotspot with the tying thread.

Image 6 - Coat with UV resin to finish.

Fishing tips - Great on its own on a long leader for spooky fish or as a dropper alongside a heavier point fly.