Fly Friday #156 The Quigley Cripple by Hugh Rosen

This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Hugh Rosen and it's The Quigley Cripple....

The Quigley Cripple was designed for the spring creeks of the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

A great prospecting fly. If you cast well, it does not need floatant. If you do use floatant, only a touch on the wing and hackle. This must sit in the film upright on the hackle ring, with the wing up. Skate at the end of the drift for slashing strikes.  

Hook: Partridge shrimp-buzzer 12-18
Thread: black
Tail and body: tie in 6 strands of pheasant tail herl at curve of hook to make for a short tail
Rib: small gold or copper wire