Fly Friday #157 The Fire Imp by Chris Reeves

This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Chris Reeves and it's The Fire Imp....

Hook:- Partridge Heavy Wet G3A/L size 10 12 or 14 or if you want an offset point, Sprite heavy wet.
Thread:- Black
Tail:- Golden Pheasant tippet dyed hot red.
Rib:- Silver holographic tinsel
Body:- Glo brite floss, Shade No.4 Scarlet
Hackle:- Three turns of Whiting dark red hen with three turns of Whiting furnace hen in front.

By using the glo-brite floss for the body you ensure a degree of daylight florescence and give the fly a very bright aspect. The tinsel reflects light while the dark hackle over the red gives a nice contrast. Take care not to stretch the tinsel when wrapping as the holographic effect will disappear. In order to get a good volume of hackle use the best hen feathers you can find. When wrapping the hackle, fold back the fibres and ensure all are facing to the rear of the hook. 

This fly is an out and out attractor but with a little subtlety at the front end. This fly is best fished on the top dropper (or bob) with a fast figure of eight or quick pulled retrieve.