Fly Friday #166 The Samurai by Jo Stephenson

This week's Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Jo Stephenson an it's The Samurai... 

This is my variant of a fly tied by Mikael Frodin, which he tied to rival the sunray shadow. The last two summers I spent working at Reisastua Salmon lodge in Northern Norway, and this was a really successful fly for the big salmon we have in the Reisa. Tied on a tube and used with a Partridge Patriot Stinger.

Inner tube: 1.8mm
Outer tube:  3.0mm
Thorax: Veniards Chartreuse glister sparkle
Legs: Chartreuse rubber legs two either side
Underwing: Foxy tails Black shadow fox
Overwing: Foxy tails Pseudo monkey  or Nayat
Head: Foxy Tails black tanuki finn raccoon
Cheeks: Jungle Cock