Fly Friday #179 Blue Charm Hairwing by Hugh Rosen

The basics of a well executed deceptively simple hairwing on a double hook are the place for new tyers of slamon or sea trout flies to start. One learns so much on the handling of thread, materials, symmetry, proportion and neatness that it requires much more effort and attention to detail early on. For inspiration, see the hairwings tied by Partridge PRO-Team members Paul Slaney and Stuart Foxall, and get Stuart's excellent article on low water salmon flies in Trout & Salmon this past summer.

A favorite of mine for every reason is the Blue Charm Hairwing.

Hook: Partridge Up-eye Double #10
Tag: Small oval tinsel
Butt: Bright yellow floss
Tail: Golden pheasant crest
Body: Black floss
Rib: Small oval tinsel
Beard hackle: Kingfisher blue hen
Wing: Squirrel (well stacked)