Fly Friday #19

Today's Fly Friday is The Silver Sparkler by PRO-Team member Dougie Loughridge...

There is a famous saying that the simplest ideas are usually the best. If there was ever a fly that backs this theory up, it’s this one!

I first saw this style of fly probably 7 or 8 years ago which is a variation on the tinsel fly theme extremely popular in Scandinavia. The key to this flies success in my opinion is the fantastic movement of the Flashabou material. The fly literally pulses with life: irresistible to a hungry Pike! Tie it small for the Autumn fry feeders or tie it big and articulated. Rip it back roly-poly style when the pike are active or twitch it along the bottom in the cold Winter months.

Hook: Partridge Universal Predator X 2/0-6/0
Thread: Any
Tail/body: Silver Flashabou. (Sometimes a contrasting colour of Flashabou at the head is nice, red being a favourite).
Underbody: Orange or Red fritz chenille (this helps with the fly’s profile and also adds to its attractiveness when the Flashabou flares in the water).
Optional: Bead chain eyes.

Proof of the pudding: A 21lb fish which couldn’t resist the Sparklers charms.















Dougie is also an S.G.A.I.C qualified single handed casting instructor and can be contacted for tuition as well as guided fishing.