Fly Friday #25

Fly Friday #25 is from PRO-Team member Ben Beckwith. Ben has tied the Chocolate Drop Sedge...


Chocolate Drop sedge

Hook: Partridge Sproat wet #10

Thread: 8/0 Black Uni Thread

Body: Seals Fur Dyed Dark Brown with a hint of Magenta

Wing: Deer Hair Tips

Hackle: Dark Furnace Cock Hackle

Ben says, 'This is a simple brown sedge imitation which sits beautifully on top of the water due to the Deer hair tips which I used for the wing. The seals fur also helps the fly to float and provides a lovely imprint on the water’s surface that even the smartest of fish won’t be able to resist. My favourite method of fishing this pattern is to twitch it across the surface of the water to imitate a struggling sedge. This fly can also be pulled, skitted, or just left to slowly meander down the river. This fly in particular has caught me some stunning fish this august with Rainbows and Browns up to 5lb on the rivers. This is a sedge that everyone needs to have in their box, and i hope that anyone using this pattern has great fortune in fishing it.'