Fly Friday #26

The Wet Spinner by PRO-Team member Jim Lees is today's Fly Friday!

Jim has tied the Wet Spinner using the Partridge Wet Heavy Supreme G3A/L in #16.

Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 30D Red
Tail: 2-3 Wood Duck Fibres
Body & Rib: Semperfli Ultrafine 0.1mm Wire Red
Body Coating: Clear Cure Goo Hydro
Wing: Ice Dubbing UV Pearl
Hackle: Sparse CDC in split thread



Born, raised and still living near the banks of the river Clyde in Scotland Jim started his fishing life on one of its tributaries 30 years ago and started tying flies at the same time. With no local fly shops there wasn’t really much choice and as the only anglers he knew all tied their own flies he assumed that if you wanted to fly fish you learned how to tie your own flies. You can visit Jim's website by clicking here.