Fly Friday #28

The 28th Fly Friday is the Green Drake Emerger from PRO-Team member Allan Liddle. Allan has tied the Fly on a Partridge Czech Nymph Fine (New Size) #8.


Hook: CZF #8

Tail: GP crest sealed with UV varnish

Body: Medium olive hare / rabbit / olive glister mix

Rib: Tying thread tag

Wing: Fine deer hair

Thorax: As body

Really simple but effective fly, excellent as a static dry, but can also work 'pulled'. Seal the crest tail by pulling it through UV varnish to help it hold its shape.

Great when Green Drakes are around and fish really like the low riding profile of the curved hook.




Although trout is his first love Allan occasionally chases the Salmon, Grayling stocked fish and even dabbles in salt water when the chance arises. Allan is a GAIA qualified trout instructor and a has been a regluar contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine for over ten years.