Fly Friday #40

Today we have made it to the 40th Fly Friday!

PRO-Team member Maxime has tied our 40th fly and for this week it is a Carrie Stevens Grey Ghost 'Variant'.

Below is the dressing if you fancy giving this fly a go!


Carrie Stevens Gray Ghost ‘’Variant’’

Hook / Hameçons: Partridge Of Redditch Carrie Stevens Streamer #2/0

Thread / Fil:  Veevus 16/0 black

Body / Corps: Orange  floss

Ribbing / Côtes: Small sized silver tinsel

Side line:  Peacock  fibers

Belly / Ventre: White and yellow bucktail

Wing / Aille: Grey saddles

Shoulders / Épaules: Silver pheasant feathers.

Cheeks / joues: ProSportFisher Pro Jungle Cock HD