Fly Friday #65

Today's Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Jim Lees!
Sedge Emerger
For a lot of years now when I’ve needed a sedge emerger I’ve used Roman Moser’s Balloon Caddis, a great fish catching fly, but with it sitting so low in the water I’m finding it more difficult to keep track of in more broken water as it gets into the lower light levels of the evening. No doubt more to do with my dodgy eyesight than any failing of the fly itself. So this season it’s lost its place in my box to a pattern that’s a bit more visible.
Sparkle Emerger Yarn is used to form a loop at the thorax to represent the expanding shuck of the emerger, in a similar way that the use of yellow foam does with the Balloon Caddis. In my opinion though the yarn does this better. It’s more translucent, traps air in the bubble to enhance the effect and keep the fly floating at the right angle plus it adds a bit of visibility to the fly’s footprint without adding a weight of material or opacity to the silhouette from below the surface. To get the best effect use your nail to spread the yarn half way around the hook shank at both tie in and tie off points.
When fished the wing of Snowshoe Rabbit also sits vertically to make the fly easier to see and swapping out the tan wing for black helps a lot with visibility when casting into silver water. All round this has been a great fly for me this season
Hook: Grub/Shrimp Straighter Eye K4A/S #12
Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 12/0 Brown
Abdomen: Orange/Amber mixed Dubbing Shuck
Loop: Sparkle Emerger Yarn Amber
Wing: Snowshoe Rabbit Foot Tan
Thorax: Pine Squirrel