Fly Friday #71

This weeks Fly Friday is from Pro-Team member Stevie Munn the Silver Invicta

The original Invicta was the brainchild of English fly dresser and fishing tackle dealer Mr James Ogden. His fly has a body of yellow seal's fur and he first fished with it in the1870's so again older than many modern anglers would think, the fly became very popular and still is to this day.

There is a few variants of the original and they are all considered flies to fish when caddis or sedges are on the water, although the silver, pearly and gold Invicta are also great flies to fish if the trout are feeding on small fish or fry, my favourite is the silver as i have seen this pattern work in all sorts of fly fishing situations, stillwaters working for rainbow trout, on large loughs temping wild browns and on rivers taking not only residential trout but also migratory Dollaghan trout and salmon, so it really can be wonderful little pattern to try wherever your fishing and this is why the Invicta have stood the test of time and is a favourite of fly fishers everywhere.


Hook: 8 – 14 Partridge Wet

Thread: Black or Red

Tail : Golden pheasant crest feather

Body : Silver tinsel

Rib : Fine silver wire

Palmered Hackle : Red cock. (I dress it long because I think it fishes better )

Wing: Hen pheasant centre tail, I use pheasant wing feathers easy to make a nice paired wing.

Beard hackle : Blue jay or sub