Fly Friday #75

This weeks Fly Friday is from Pro-Team Member Alex Jardine, it's the AJ’s Pink & Purple Shrimp.

With the onset of winter and the focus turning to grayling here is a must have fly for any visit to the river.

Hook: Partridge K4AY – Barbless Grub/Buzzer Size 10-12

Thread: Danville’s pink – 70 denier

Weight: 2 layers, 3mm oval lead wire

Rib: Hot Pink Nymph-It

Shell back: Hends shell back Pearl Claret

Body: blend of Hareline UV Hot Pink and UV Lavender Ice Dub


For many years pink has been the colour of choice when targeting grayling but over the last couple of seasons there has been a move towards using purple based flies. About three years ago I stumbled across some incredible inspiration when I decided to mix the two Hareline dubbings together, the two colours when separate look completely different to the finished blend. Once together they look loud and garish but when applied to the natural environment the colour is almost identical to that of the purple spot on a grayling’s gill plate or the rainbow stripe of a rainbow trout.

From day one on the river this fly has produced grayling, and consistently even in tough conditions. It has accounted to several large grayling too in both clear and dirty water conditions.

This has gone from being a fly in the testing stages to a firm favourite in no time at all and well worth trying a few yourself this winter.

If you would like to speak with Alex further or join him on the river you can reach him at