Fly Friday #90 Gibbo Lure by Mick Hall

This week the Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Mick Hall, it's The Gibbo Lure

High in the Victorian Alps is a little river that is seldom fished. The sole reason being is that access is difficult but Brown and Rainbow trout that inhabit this water are truly wild and well worth the effort.

The Gibbo River, as it is named, flows mostly through uninhabited native forests. There are no nearby country villages or towns and it is rare to come across another angler. The isolation is unique and the region, as you would imagine, is abundant in all sorts of Australian wildlife.  (Use Google earth to look it up and you will see what I mean.)

Not much has been written about this water and a lot of its fishing history remains untold but there is a glint of times past and that is the tying of a little known fly that bears this river's name.


Hook: Partridge L5A Dry fly hook

Size: 12-14 Sample shown size 14

Tail: A good bunch of Golden pheasant tippet fibres

Body: Red Floss

Ribbing: Bronze Peacock herl four turns

Hackle: Grizzle Cock


There is a suggestion that this fly could have been developed as a dry version of the fabled "Hardy's Favourite".  Who developed it is clouded in time; it could have been any of three or four old timers who fished this region way back in the 1940s.  At a guess my money would be on a couple of old fly flickers, like Burt Webb or Ern Cheel.  Collectively they spent a lot of time fishing this wild corner of Victoria and between them developed a number of fly patterns that worked well in those hidden mountain streams but I guess we will never know.


Mick Hall