Fly Friday #99 The Iron Blue Nymph by Jim Lees

This week's Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Jim Lee's, it's The Iron Blue Nymph

There's a few fairly uncommon materials in this fly but you don't need to scour the internet trying to source them. I use them here because I have them to hand and they make a good fit for this fly but you can substitute for materials that are easier to find and I don't expect the fish would particularly care.

For the Heron Herl in the Body you could substitute a dark Goose feather or even a couple of fibres from the primary feather on a Moorhen wing. The Common Shrew at the thorax has a great natural colour for this fly but could be substituted with a dark or even dyed black Mole fur if you used a little less dubbing in the thorax.

Between the weight of the hook and the small metal bead there's enough weight in the fly to make it sink slowly when fished behind a dry fly.


Hook: Partridge of Redditch Wet Heavy Supreme G3A/L #20
Weight: 1.5mm Black Bead
Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 30D Black
Tail: Coq De Leon or any dark cock hackle tied short.
Rib: Semperfli 0.1mm Wire Purple
Body: Heron Herl (See notes for substitutes)
Thorax: Common Shrew (See notes for substitutes)