Iceland…the ultimate testing ground by Paul Procter

Iceland…the ultimate testing ground!

Iceland has a reputation for producing some of the hardest fighting trout the World over that will quickly find any weak link in your fishing tackle.  Tippets aside, there can be few better testing grounds when it comes to determining hook strength and holding capabilities. 

Whilst the Partridge SLD2 has delivered well on my home rivers, Iceland’s giant trout would serve as the ultimate test.  Sat watching the snouts of fish breaking surface that you estimated at between 6- 8lb, suddenly a size #18 hooks appears puny.

Admittedly, doubts existed as to whether the SLD2 was man enough to deal with these brutes.  After all, with the prospect of landing a season’s best, a lot was riding on the outcome.  The first notable trout might well have been played out tentatively for fear of a failing hook, yet, I needn’t have worried.  The stamp of approval came with my best brace of the trip, which succumbed to wee shuttlecock on the now mighty SLD2.

“Great to see Paul Procter keeping his hand in with this remarkable brace of Icelandic trout he tempted last week using a CdC midge dressed on the Partridge SLD2.