Ilan Evans: A Day on Daddys

A couple of weeks ago my father and I went fishing to Llyn Brenig, which is 20 minutes from Bala and is a 1900 acre lake. This big lake gets stocked weekly and is a beautiful lake for both boat and bank fishing. The lake is now recocognised as one of the best top of the water fisheries in the uk. It's a highly respected venue for competitive angling and has hosted world, commonwealth and international matches.

As with every fishing trip you can't start your day on an empty stomach, so we had the famous fisherman's breakfast at the cafè. At 9am we went out on the lake. We went straight to the woods and the fish were rising everywhere.

Because of the activity on the water we were fishing dry fly, with an orange daddy longlegs (Partridge dry fly supreme #12) on the point, and then a black hopper (Partridge dry fly supreme #14) on the dropper. The fish were rising for the daddy but eventually taking the hopper.

Around lunch time the dries went off and the fish went lower down so I changed to midge tip line and my father to the new airflo supper dri with a 12ft slo sink tip. We still had the orange daddy on the point but I also had a black and silver dabbler (Partridge wet heavy supreme #12) and a disco dabbler (Partridge wet heavy supreme #12). We were casting them out and then stripping them in fast, the floating daddy was irritating the top of the water. After catching a couple we spooned the fish and they were filled with heather-fly. We caught 19 to the boat, one of the flies that my father caught on was spark bobbie. (Wet heavy supreme #12

That was one of my favourite days of summer fishing.