July 2014 Tutorial Heatherfly Hopper by Allan Liddle

PRO-Team member Allan Liddle's tutorial is on the Heatherfly Hopper. To tie the fly, click on the materials image at the bottom of the blog...

This is one for our upland wild loch trout! This wee pattern can be deadly; fished primarily as a dry it’s pretty versatile and works well fished ‘Short Line’ style or even sub-surface at all depth as part of a team

Good as it is when ‘pulled’ I like to target rising fish pitching it in front and letting it sit static or swing naturally in the ripple, keeping in touch with it as it drifts round (try and ensure you don’t move it as you do this).

Simple to fish and simple to tie which is just as well as the fish can certainly take their toll especially in overcast warm days of August when heather flies are often found blown onto the water attracting the attention of fish mostly down the ‘terrestrial band’ - that ‘join’ between the ripple and the flat calm. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any naturals in attendance as the triggers in the pattern help make it equally attractive as a general searching pattern where ever you fish - rainbows can show as much affection to it as our wild browns.


Hook: Partridge Patriot Ideal Dry size 12 – 14

Thread: Red Uni 6/0 or 8/0

Body: Black rabbit, hare and a pinch of olive Glister dubbing mix (approx 40;40;20)

Legs: Pre-knotted pheasant tail legs dyed red

Wing: Sparse bunch of natural fine deer hair

Hackle: Two to three turns black cock trimmed level below.

To start the tutorial, click on the image below...