July Fly of the Month

PRO-Team member Paul Procter talks us through his Fly of the Month for July, the B-WO Para Spinners. Check back for his monthly updates!

July is when we look to evening time for our sport and the anticipated arrival of Blue-Winged Olives. Whilst emerging B-WO duns can provide breathtaking sport, centre stage almost certainly belongs to egg laying female spinners that at times litter the surface. Although several dressings exist to cover this crucial stage one that continues to serve me well is the B-WO Para Spinners. Obviously, a parachute hackle makes for a low riding fly that sits in, rather than on the surface…a prerequisite when it comes to spinner patterns!

With a short shank, wide gape and straight eye configuration the Partridge Spider hook (L3A/S) is perfectly suited to this dressing. Clipping the hackle fore and aft still leaves enough fibres to support the fly, yet provides that all important crucifix posture so evident on the natural. Once a stickler for three tailing fibres evenly splayed out, these days I’m more than happy with a sparse bunch of hackle fibres as many females often loose some of their tailing appendages prior to egg laying. It’s vital to have some form of indicator so you’re able to make out your imitation amidst the thousands of naturals, especially in the gathering gloom. This also allows you to track your fly’s progress too, making sure it drifts naturally. One yarn that stands out well in poor light is The TMC fluorescent yellow aero wing.



Hook: Partridge Spider size 16

Thread: Orange 14/0 Sheer

Tail: Dyed dun cock hackle fibres

Abdomen & Thorax: Fly-Rite #5 Rust extra fine dubbing

Wing: TMC aero wing (fl yellow)

Hackle: Light dun wound parachute style