NEW BOOK - SEA TROUT, Tips Tricks & Tribulations by Steffan Jones

I believe the book offers something for everyone; from the beginner through to the most ardent. The book covers 244 pages over 25 chapters, ranging from tips and techniques on fly, spin and bait through to captivating chapters from contributors such as Moc Morgan on the evolution of Welsh sea trout flies and Martin Globalflyfisher Joergensen on saltwater fishing for sea trout. Further to this, I have called on friends and fellow sea trout addicts from around the world to contribute their favourite patterns. Included are John Graham, who not only contributes his patterns but also details their history and application, Stjani Ben from Iceland, Claudio Martin and Pepe Fly Borzi from Argentina, Tom O’Shea from Ireland and David Pilkington from England.

No stone is left unturned in detailing how best to approach sea trout and how best to combat prevailing conditions. The book also discusses tackle, knots, casting considerations through to useful references on what time to start night fishing and length to weight formulas.

I have now been sea trout guiding for 22 years. Over this time, I have witnessed all the common mistakes and all the common misconceived perceptions on sea trout. The book addresses these, enabling you to maximise your results and time on the water.

How to order?
The book costs £30 (GBP). Postage is £3.50 within the UK, £10.50 to mainland Europe. PLEASE NOTE that it is often possible to send multiple copies within the same package, should you wish to combine an order with a friend/s and save some money in the process. Each book weighs just over 1kg. Contact me for pricing on posting multiple copies or for posting outside of Europe.

Paypal: To be sent as a ‘gift’ (‘friends and family’ option) only. Please send to please only send GBP - paypal gives you an option to change currencies.

When the main supply arrives then they will be available through eBay. In addition, West Wales Tackle (Carmarthen) and the Porth Hotel (Llandysul) will be holding copies for sale.

Any questions? Please email