November 2014 - Tutorial Wee Black Nymph by Allan Liddle

PRO-Team member Allan Liddle's most recent tutorial is on the Wee Black Nymph. To follow the tutorial, click on the materials image at the bottom of the blog...


An old one but still a good one! This Wee Nymph has stood me in good stead for more seasons than I can remember.

Originally tied as a general purpose river pattern, the Black Nymph stood out as a tail fly behind a couple of more traditional bob flies on many lochs throught the season, as well as a decent top dropper in a team with a couple of lures behind.

In smaller sizes it's not too bad as a wee buzzer pattern, bigger it can be taken for a dark olive or possible a small shrimp, bigger again possibly even a caddis or small fish. Whatever the attraction the fish like it and something that's well worth the space in the fly box. I know I couldn't go through a season without a few of these simple but effective wee beasties to call on!



Hook: Partridge Wet Heavy Supreme (G3A/L) or Sproat Wet (G3AY) #10 - 18

Tail: Natural Brown Partridge Fibres (Veniards)

Rib: Medium or Fine Pearl Mirage Tinsel below fine Silver wire (Veniards)

Body: Black Rabbit fur

Thorax Cover: Pheasant Tail Fibres

Thorax: Black Rabbit

Varnish: Standard 'Cellire' (Veniards)


Click the image below to follow the tutorial!