November Fly of the Month

The November fly of the month from PRO-Team member Paul Procter is the Olive Flashback Nymph. You can find out the October Fly of the Month by clicking here!


Hook: Partridge supreme heavy wet #10-12

Thread: Red 6/0 Danville's flymaster

Rib: Copper wire

Tail & Body: Dyed olive marabou

Shellback & Thorax Cover: Pearly tinsel

Thorax: SLF Whitlock-fox squirrel thorax dubbing

Legs: Partridge hackle dyed olive

Head: Red thread

Bridging the divide between lure and nymph to a large degree this flashback dressing will appeal to both camps. Whilst it can be tied in a range of colours, including black, orange, yellow or white, an olive version looks the part, especially during warmer months when damsel nymphs are present. That said, it has just as much worth inched back on a long leader throughout winter. 

Rather than lashing in a clump of marabou for a tail, instead strive for a wispy look, which in many respects allows better freedom of movement. Take care when selecting marabou fibres for your body as these should possess a gradual taper that creates an attractive abdomen.  Remember not to twist the marabou strands prior to winding either, this merely traps and flattens all those tiny fibres, which ideally need to flare outwards.

Whilst a single strip of pearly tinsel should suffice for the shellback, it’s as well to double this up when forming a thorax cover. By doing so, you can fashion a slightly wider cover that helps splay those partridge legs apart. A build up of red thread sealed with clear varnish finishes the job nicely.