October Fly Tying Tutorial - Medicine Fly Streamer by Allan Liddle

Pro-Team member Allan Liddle shows how to tie the Medicine Fly Streamer

Devised by the late great Hugh Falkus as a variation on the age old Teal Blue and Silver, the Medicine fly is certainly a proven Sea Trout killer and one I certainly liked to fish from time to time.

But with a passion for chasing Sea Trout in salt water I needed something a little more mobile so I changed the wing to Arctic Fox (mobile and robust) and added a wee bit of flash in the form of pearl Crystal Flash.  Result was a cracking wee Sea Trout killer for the salt especially when first tried out in the northern isles with both Orkney and Shetland fish showing more than a passing interest.

Fished on a fast intermediate or DI3 especially in a bit of a running tide the trout hit hard and a wee bit of attention with a pair of pliers to squeeze down the barbs meant any fish not required were easily and carefully returned.  Some however made it to the smoker for one of the finest meals known to anglers, smoked Sea Trout and a wee dram of Orkney whisky, fit for a king.

Not that the pattern is restricted to salt water use and it makes a handy night time and dirty water pattern with salmon also keen to hit hard.

Versatile and a little different, certainly one to add to your collection.



Hook; Partridge Patriot Salmon Up Eye Double size 10 – 14

Thread; Uni 6/0 Fire Orange

Body; Medium Silver Holographic Tinsel

Rib; Medium Silver Wire

Wing; White Arctic Fox

Over Wing; Five or Six Strands of Pearl Crystal Flash

Head Hackle; Royal Blue Cock

Cheeks; Jungle Cock

Head; Bug Bond UV Varnish over Fire Orange Uni Thread.



Step 1 Run thread down hook shank catching in the tinsel body and wire rib.

Step 2 Run tinsel up hook shank to form body

Step 3 Run wire rib over body

Step 4 Take a small bunch of Artic Fox fibres to form wing.  Note keep wing length long for mobility and shape.

Step 5 Lay a few strands of pearl Crystal Flash as over wing.

Step 6 Prepare a pair of jungle cock feathers.

Step 7 Tie in jungle cock and catch in blue cock hackle.

Step 8 Wind on hackle and brush back before forming head and whip finish.

Step 9 Take a small amount of Bug Bond UV varnish.

Step 10 Set UV varnish with torch.

Finished Fly