Orange Sprite Streamer Pattern tied by Scott Biron

This Rangley style streamer can be used trolling or casting on dark cloudy days. The fly was originated in 1965 and tied using a wood duck shoulder which became popular for many trolling flies.

This fly can also be used as an attractor fly. Its important not to overdress these streamers.

Layer the materials in building a gradual taper toward the head of the fly. Wood duck shoulders should be about 1/3 of the wing.

  • Hook: Partridge CS17-7X #4 Heritage Streamer Hook

  • Body: Flat silver tinsel

  • Belly: Sparse bunch of yellow bucktail under a larger bunch of white bucktail tied extending just beyond the hook

  • Wing: Light orange saddle hackles with a bright yellow over the outside, two saddles per side

  • Shoulder: Lemon woodduck flank
  • Throat: White shlappen along with orange hackle fibers
  • Cheeks: Jungle Cock
  • Head: Black