September Fly of the Month

It's the 1st of September and what better day than today to post the September fly of the month from PRO-Team member Paul Procter. Paul takes us through his fly of the month, The Buoyant Corixa. Make sure you check back for his monthly updates - you can read last months by clicking here!

September is when we expect to see corixa migrating from water to water. Considered an aquatic beetle they are more than capable fliers and will readily take to the wing to colonise both existing and new territories. The flight often renders them weak and tired when they can litter the surface of any stillwater. This is made worse for them during calmer periods when increased surface tension almost makes an impenetrable barrier. Lying here to regain strength they're easy pickings for hungry trout.

Sitting low, in the surface film this foam backed imitation is a dead ringer for them. When tying in foam, remember to relax the tension on your tying thread by spinning the bobbin holder in an anticlockwise direction when viewed from above the vice. A flat thread now provides a wider surface area to help secure foam bodies rather than cut through them as a tensioned (rounded) thread tends to do.

A sparkling body creates reflection that's suggestive of the air trapped against a natural's underside. Pale yellow is an obvious shade, but pearl also works well. Rubber legs provided untold movement that mimics the feeble kicks of a struggling corixa. Not really a thorax in the true sense, but a small build of dubbing close to the head helps create an attractive profile. A neat head of red thread finishes the job nicely.

Buoyant Corixa:

Hook: Partridge Supreme Dry size 14-16

Thread: Primrose 14/0 Sheer

Shellback: Brown ethafoam

Body & Thorax: Yellow ice-dub

Legs/Paddles: Veniard’s fine rubber

Head: Danville's 6/0 red thread