Stevie Munn: Intruder Patterns Ready for the Swing

This month (August) I am hosting a trip for Worldwide Fishing to the majestic Skeena river in northern British Colombia in Canada’s stunning north west territories. We will be fishing for mighty Steelhead and Pacific salmon, like the lovely silver Coho and mammoth Chinook or King, which are some of the largest Salmon in the world. I have done this many times in the past and must tell you it is wonderful and if you ever get the opportunity don’t hesitate. These fish are fast, strong, powerful, beautiful and the scenery in this part of the world is second to none. If any of you are ever interested get in touch as I am sure I will be hosting a trip again next year, if not I can always point you in the right direction.

I will report on my return about our fishing, but in this issue I want to mention one of the most important flies that we will be using and one I feel could work in the U.K and Ireland for Salmon, Sea Trout and in my part of the world Lough run trout like the mighty Dollaghan. Although perhaps dressed in smaller sizes than I will be using on the trip. The fly is the Intruder which is more a style of fly rather than an actual pattern, Partridge now do a great range of PATRIOT STINGER hooks, Intruder Shanks and Waddington Shanks which are idea for these type of flies.

The History of the Intruder

In the early 1990s, Ed Ward a guide from Washington designed a fly for catching Alaska’s fresh king salmon. Throughout his guiding the fly worked well for the kings, but it also took large rainbow trout. It didn’t take long for Ed to make the link between a rainbow and a steelhead, the sea run cousin. The subsequent steelhead season, he experimented a lot around the tying and the fishing of the patterns, and had a lot of success .

The first intruder patterns were dressed in olive, and looked much like a sculpin, but he slowly moved away from this colour, to tie his Intruders in orange, pink and red variations. Soon, the silhouette of the fly resembled more and more the squids these fish feed on during their ocean journey.

The Intruder is normally to be fished as a swung fly, so in large rivers like the Skeena it is best fished using a Double handed rod though on smaller rivers you can fish on a normal single handed rod.

[Pictures: Intruder Patterns dressed by Denis O Toole Irish Fly Dresser and demonstrator at the Irish Fly fair in Galway see]



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