Stevie Munn: An Italian CDC from a Book Presented to Me

With thanks to Osvaldo, Doriano and Mauro Raspini.

At the time of writing I have just returned from the Ireland Angling Expo in Swords Dublin. This is a fantastic show that covers all aspects of fishing not only fly-fishing but also sea and coarse. I was there giving fly casting demonstrations in the main arena with other well known fly anglers. Angling shows are important dates for me throughout the year as they are part of my job and how I make a living, but maybe just as importantly they are places where we meet other like minded anglers and share our fishing experiences. For us fly fishing cracked pots it is also a good place to share some of our favourite fly patterns.

I was very pleased to see two familiar faces at the show, from Italy, Osvaldo Velo and Doriano Maglione. Both these guys had came to Galway's Irish Fly Fair in November and are well known fly dressers and anglers throughout Europe aswell as members of the Fly Fishers Club. I had a great evening in their company again having some fun fly casting to music. I must admit we had a few glasses of excellent wine too, which was kindly supplied by our hosts Mara media.

The next day I was very pleased and honoured when they presented me with a beautiful fly dressing book, called CDC Evolution by Mauro Raspini. It was a really kind gesture that really took me by surprise. I must say it is a stunning book all about great flies and I would strongly recommended it to anyone who likes dressing flies for Trout and Grayling and fishing with the dry fly. I have decided to give you one of the patterns from the book which is a wonderful all round fly, as it will work on still waters, lakes and also rivers.  I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, my Italian fly fishing brothers. 


Doriano Maglione presenting Stevie with the book CDC Evolution by Mauro Raspini


Tuft Emerger by Mauro Raspini

Hook : Partridge Grub Hook 14 - 18

Body : Striped peacock quill covered with a thin layer of clear glue or varnish

Thorax: CDC dubbing

Thorax Cover and tuft: CDC feather, on bigger hooks I would use a couple.


As it says in the book, this model is simple and effective and I could not agree more. I have fished many shuttlecock type patterns with enormous success, as for simple, that is a trait that is true of many of the greatest flies in the world. Tight Lines



Stevie Munn works full time in the angling sector as a guide, writer and qualified game angling instructor and consultant, he has appeared in many angling books, DVDs and angling shows all over the world. He has also fished many places in the world and grew up fishing on rivers and Loughs of Ireland where he often guides. He runs teaching lessons in fly fishing and host groups fishing in Canada, Iceland, Argentina, Ireland, and other parts of the world. You can contact him via email or get more info at: