NEW book by Paul Gustfson ' How to catch big Pike'

Wed, 15/06/2016 - 18:20

The book entitled How to Catch Big Pike which is launched this week, took six years to write and covers virtually every method of catching big pike. There are chapters by Fred Buller O.B.E. on locating and catching a world record pike,lure fishing by the worlds leading lure angler Gord Burton and fly fishing for pike by Bob Church,Mick Willis and Pete Climo. Alistair Rawlings one of Irelands best known pike anglers has also written a chapter on fishing the Irish Lochs,and reveals some of his secrets on locating big Irish pike.

The book covers pike fishing globally and has chapters on tackle,bait and location.It covers Britain,Europe and America.I have also written chapters on sense of smell which include the scents pike detect best, the neuromast organs and sight and vision.The sight and vision chapter is fascinating, as we reveal for the first time the colours in the spectrum pike see best of all. This will have a major impact on which colours pike anglers choose, when fishing a multitude of waters in both Britain, Europe and America.I for the first time reveal the Tepetum Lucidum which is based behind the retina in a pikes eye,it is a retroreflector and bounces light back onto the eye for a second round of absorbtion, which enables the pike to see in the dark. (Six of the worlds leading scientists worked alongside me on these very chapters.)

I also reveal that the cornea in front of a pikes eye is yellow in colour,it acts a pair of sunglasses and filters out all blue light,hence blue as a colour is of little value to pike anglers!The book is priced at £35 and has 324 pages many of which are full colour.In all I think it offers excellent value, as it covers virtually everything. Frederick Buller O.B.E. "This book describes clearly and illustrates handsomely all the known methods of pike fishing.""It in my opinion is probably the best book ever written on the species." Beverley Clifford Pike and Predators magazine wrote."This is one of the finest books ever written on a single species and is a must for all pike anglers globally.' Fred has also written the forward for the book Amanda.I also have a new website for pike anglers which I would love you to mention,the web is and has some great tips for pike fishermen globally.