Jimmy Tyrrell

My name is jimmy Tyrrell I was born in Pontypool south Wales .
I moved to Ireland about thirty five Years ago with my family and started my fly fishing and tying business Irish fly craft about twenty years ago and I have built it up slowly over the years .
I have been tying flies for a lot longer than that and decided to give it a go . I now tie and send flies all over the world but only on a one to one basis as I do not tie commercially .
I write articles on fly tying for The Irish angler Magazine and for the Irish times Newspaper.
I have been very lucky and met some wonderful fly dressers and fly fishermen in that time and made some very good friends and learnt a lot from them .
I love River fishing for brown trout and I am blessed to be living close to some fantastic rivers I tie a lot of small river patterns and have come up with a few nice ones over the years .
I do quite a bit of guiding on the rivers and do a lot of work for the Hotels in the County .
I also do a lot of shows all over Ireland and run fly tying classes out of season .
I love passing on the art of fly tying to others .

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