Lee Schechter

Lee Schechter is a long time avid fly fisherman and tyer. His passion for fly tying focused on saltwater flies for many years but his horizons expanded as he discovered the beauty and historical significance behind traditional salmon and bass flies – often termed “gaudy” wet flies of the late 19th century. Lee’s inspiration for his work is based on the classic Orvis/Marbury wet flies and salmon flies from the books and collections of the 1800s & early 1900s. His style is unique in that he uses vintage hooks and materials as well as traditional techniques when tying the original patterns from over a century ago. He also ties “free-style” flies using designs reminiscent of the classic patterns using vintage materials – an aspect that adds creativity but at the same time brings into consideration function in terms of fly fishing & tying. Overall, while these “gaudy” flies of the 19th century are one current focus, Lee ties flies for all types of freshwater and saltwater fishing!

Lee has published articles on fly tying across the globe (Fly Tyer, Hatches, Fly and Tie, and Fly Fishing in Saltwaters among others), and has participated as an invited tyer at national and international fly fishing shows in Europe including England and Italy. His demonstrations at shows include fishing flies for fresh-and saltwater species as well as old classics tied for presentation. Lee is a skilled photographer and his photos capture the essence of his flies. In that regard, his flies and photography can not only be seen in fly fishing journals but art galleries as well. Notably, Lee’s biography was included in the limited edition book “Fly Tyers of the World – Volume 3” published in 2009. In addition to being a member of the Partridge Pro Team, Lee is a Pro Staff member of the Dr Slick fly tying and fishing tool company. He finds great pleasure in demonstrating and teaching fly tying as a means to preserve a tradition that hopefully will be continued in future generations.