Alex Jardine

Alex’s introduction to fly fishing came at an early age through hi father Charles. Regular fishing trips spurred an interest that encouraged Alex to delve into other aspects of fly fishing. Being lucky to tour fly fishing shows and exhibitions around the world put him in front of some of the best fly casters and fly tyers who furthered his interest.

Visiting shows regularly meant that Alex spent hours watching the fly tying demonstrations, he found it amazing. Being knee high to a grasshopper Alex was able to sweet talk his way to receiving dozens of ‘pro-tied’ flies, from realistic trout flies to incredible deer hair mice and the most exquisite fully dressed salmon flies. It was these kind gestures that started Alex on his journey.

Through his work at Aardvark McLeod Ales’s fly tying knowledge has to cover a huge range of situations in fresh and salt water. With each new trip comes a new challenge of tying flies for species and water that he may never have encountered before.

The bulk of Alex’s fly tying though specialises in trout and grayling flies for the UK lakes and rivers.

Allan Liddle Partridge Pro Team
Allan Liddle Partridge Pro Team

From the early years visiting the shows and watching the pros tying, and also benefiting from their generosity to help set me on my journey, it is an absolute pleasure to sit alongside most of them now.

It is my chance to pass on my knowledge to others and to hopefully inspire the next generation of fly fishers and fly tyers.

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