Andrea Malzanini

Andreas was born in Brescia in 1979 and currently resides at the outskirts of Val Trompia, a renowned valley known for its weapon production and abundant lakes and rivers. The region boasts three significant fluvial lakes: Lake Idro, Lake Iseo, and the expansive Lake Garda. Additionally, there are various rivers that contribute to and drain from these lakes, including the Oglio River, the Chiese River, and smaller waterways like the Mella River.

His passion for fishing ignited at the tender age of 4 when his father gifted him his first fishing rod. Lake fishing quickly became his primary pursuit, with perch, sardines, and aole being the most common fish found in the lakes of Brescia. As he matured from 18 to 30 years old, he delved into carp fishing and spinning techniques, broadening his angling experiences.

Partridge Ambassador Andrea Malzanini sat at his flytying bench.

At the age of 30, he ventured into the entrepreneurial realm by establishing his own turning shop. However, it was in April 2017 that he discovered a deep fascination for fly fishing, a technique that had always intrigued him. He eagerly enrolled in courses to learn the craft and started tying his own flies. His enthusiasm was boundless, leading him to explore historic texts that imparted essential knowledge on creating classic flies, which have become his personal favourites.

To share his passion with fellow fishing enthusiasts, he showcases his intricately crafted flies through his Instagram profile and YouTube page, where he has garnered a substantial following. Fly fishing, he believes, is a genuine art form, as it is in the meticulous preparation rather than the act of catching fish that fishermen find the greatest satisfaction. The challenge lies in selecting the perfect fly and envisioning the specific fish it is intended for, always with respect for the diverse fish species that inhabit their magnificent lakes and rivers.

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Artic Fox Zonker tied on the Partridge CS86 #2


A Simple Frog Fly tied on the Partridge CS86 #2

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Nymph Pattern tied on the Partridge K4AY

Golden Stone Fly Nymph positioned on stone.

Golden Stone Fly Nymph tied on a Partridge K12ST #8