Marco Naldi

Marco was born and lives in the Italian province of Bologna. Fishing has always been part of his life, although for the past fifteen years now he has focused on fly fishing exclusively and fly tying on his free evenings, tying a little bit of everything, dry, submerged flies and nymphs.  He loves to fish dry fly and nymph and especially prefer sight fishing in chalk streams and practices catch and release and no longer seek quantity but quality in his catches.  He says, “Being able to fool a trout with one of my artificials gives me the most incredible feeling!!”

In 2020 he participated in several magazine tying competitions with “Fly Fishing and Spinning”, winning two first places and other podium finishes and in addition, in 2021 and 2022, reached seventh place twice at the Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship and placed first at the Grayling Trophy 2021 tying competition held in Austria.

Marco is an ambassador for Semperfli and GVS Realistic Fly Tying System and his active on Facebook and Instagram, where I share all my activities.

PRO Team member Marco Naldi, sat at his fly tying bench, tying a fly.

In the winter period, taking advantage of the closure of river fishing, I devote myself to Rod making my other great passion, which is the construction of bamboo rds with which I love to spend pleasant fishing moments.

He can be found fishing the waters of northern and central Italy especially the river Brenta and the rivers of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Poland.

Marco is employed at The Fly Store, Bologna and is a contributor to H2O magazine, and is a Level-1 instructor at the Claudio Carrara Fly Casting School.

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