Michael Harmon

“If your wife has never faked excitement at seeing yet another fake bug, can you even call yourself a decent fly tier? 

I am a software Strategy Director by day and professional bug maker by night. Like many of you reading this, I have found a deep connection to and love for angling. Nothing quite grounds my soul like being able to escape to the mountains and rivers. That hopeful moment right after my fly kisses the water is close behind. When something affects you so deeply, it naturally becomes a significant part of who you are. I like to think that some of that love and identity spills into the flies I tie, allowing others to see a bit of who I am in their quality, colors, and design. I specialize in tying traditional trout and salmon patterns. I am an Ambassador for Moonshine Rods and Stonfo. I am a Pro Team member for Renomed USA, Partridge of Redditch, Sprite Hooks, and Hemingway’s Fly Fishing.

Allan Liddle Partridge Pro Team
Allan Liddle Partridge Pro Team
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