Umberto Oreglini

Born in Pescara in 1984, my journey into the world of fishing began at the age of six, thanks to my father’s guidance. Over the years, I explored various forms of fishing until I discovered the captivating art of Fly Fishing.

Little did I know that this discovery would shape my life in profound ways. I quickly developed a deep passion for the intricate craft of fly-tying, immersing myself in the culture by attending numerous fairs, connecting with fellow enthusiasts, and tirelessly perfecting my fly-tying skills. Today, I am proud to be a co-owner of 54 Dean Street a prominent Fly-Fishing shop located in Italy

Among the wide range of flies, I create, my heart truly lies in the realm of classic designs, particularly the esteemed Catskill-style flies. I eagerly share my expertise with others through my You Tube channel, where I showcase my fly-tying videos with a special emphasis on original dressings for classic flies. The channel has garnered significant traction, with almost 5000 subscriptions to date.

Partridge Ambassador Umberto Oreglini sat at his flytying bench.

Beyond my individual pursuits, I also contribute to the fly-fishing community as a found member and President of the Mosca Club Perscara, a dedicated Fly-Fishing Club. Additionally, I serve as a fishing guard, ensuring the responsible and sustainable practice of this beloved sport.

In recognition of my dedication and talent, I had the honour of receiving the prestigious Claudio D’Angelo Award for Fly Tier of the Year in 2021.

Fly Fishing has become my way of life, blending my love for nature, artistry, and camaraderie. I continue to cherish every moment spent on the water, creating timeless flies, and sharing my knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

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Umberto’s flies

4 Extended Body March Brown
2 Coffin Fly
3 Dark Cahill
5 1
6 Quill Gordon copia